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by familyfriendlycompass

Today after school drop offs , i called my partner up and said do you need help at the diary as they were still working. Plus some time is this the only time we get to see each other with out kids, other people ect.

Yes we have Cows with us and sometimes are like kids.

As you can see i was rugged up today its was freezing this morning.  3 hours later everything was done and i went home.

Best thing about me working from home is i can do these little things. When we have all the kids after school & daycare, its homework, house chores, showers, dinner, bed time, getting school lunches done, clean up from dinner the list keeps going on .   Sometime my partner and I don’t really talk as he is tired and i am busy.

Remember to take a little time out for each other. Sometimes you might not like what other is is doing, if it helps make your family work do it cos it works for us.

Today we talked about we can’t wait for a our 10 days away up north with no kids..  This will be our first holiday away together. We have been together for 1.5 years so it will be good to do some thing with out the kids.



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