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by familyfriendlycompass
Big shout to Blasta Brewing Company in Perth …
It’s was our first time going here. All I can say is we will be back.
The atmosphere was relaxing , calm , romantic, good mood ect ect. We did a couple date with my close friends .
We decided to order a pizza and some shared plates. Theirs was us 4 (well nearly 3 eating as I can’t eat much at all)
Here is what we ordered:
🍺 Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder (GF0) (Pulled pork, wild mushroom, red onion, pomodoro, mozzarel)
🍺 Sticky Soy Pork Ribs
(Sesame, lime, spring onion)
🍺 Lamb Rump Skewers
(Tahini yoghurt, herb salad)
🍺 Rustic Cut Chips (Rosemary salt, aioli)
🍺 Mojo Pulled Pork Sliders
( House pickles, apple slaw, Dijon mustard)
🍺 Chilli Five Spice Squid
(Lime aioli, chilli oil, coriander)
The food was delicious 🤤 and we walked away 

happy and full.
The staff were friendly and nice , great job cos you don’t see that a lot these days .
Family friendly which is a big ✅. they cover breakfast, lunch &Dinner

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