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Here is the guide for the new products i have coming to our little store. Just remember its a guide and if you have any questions please message me.



Super soft and light on heads, this hat is designed for use in prams, carriers and car seats thanks to the neck flap that lies comfortably flat when baby does. A foam insert in the brim keeps it upright so baby can look out, and can be angled to detract glare or sun.





A classic style with deep paneled crown that introduces little

ones to an angled brim in their line of sight once they

’re able to sit up and crawl. The brim is made from a felt insert, meaning it keeps its shape but is still soft and cozy when bub is leaning back in a pram or carrier.





No floppy brims here! Our foam-reinforced brims are anti-flop so kids can play and enjoy their adventures without having to

 worry about not being able to see. This classic style has a band around the brim and is soft, stretchy and roomy for growing heads.




Along with floppy brims, uncomfortable fit thanks to ponytails is a common complaint amongst hat-haters. We solved the problem

with a foam anti-flop brim and simple slit at the back for hair to pull through. Our deep paneled crowns complete the stylish and feminine style!


These products will be here in a few weeks !!!




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