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Facts About the Pilbara of Western Australia:
What does the word Pilbara mean?
• PILBARA – Aboriginal word meaning “mullet” it was first applied to Pilbara Creek because  of the fish found there.  KARRATHA – Aboriginal word, meaning “good country” or “soft earth”.
What is the population of Pilbara?
• The Pilbara is estimated residential population of over 60,000 people. The Pilbara owes its unique identity to its rich heritage and culture. Today there are more than 31 rich and diverse Aboriginal cultural groups in the Pilbara.
How many mines are in the Pilbara?
• 16 mines
How hot does it get in the Pilbara?
Pilbara is almost perfect with low humidity and an average maximum winter temperature of 28 degrees and 40 degrees in the summer. If you have been to the Pilbara you know not to go up in the Summer which is October to March the temperature can reach up as high as 45 degrees. Then the Pilbara sometimes know as to get as low as 0 degrees during the winter season.

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