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Travel Fact 🧭  !!
Ever wondered about that tiny hole in airplane window?
Well I have always wanted to know the answer and I know my dad tol

d me when younger which I thought 💭 he wasn’t telling the truth 😂..
Well know need to panic, it’s there for a very important reason.
Every single window of the plane has the same tiny hole and actually, it is a very important safety feature. Airplanes are designed to maintain air pressure at a safe level inside the cabin. So the air pressure outside an airplane is much lower than it is inside. As this difference in air pressure puts a lot of physical stress on the airplane window, its construction is special.
Most airplane windows are made up of three panels of acrylic, so when you look through the plane window, you are actually peering through three different panes. The exterior window works for keeping the elements out and maintaining cabin pressure. If something happens to the exterior pane, the second pane acts as a fail-safe option.
The tiny hole is in the middle one and is called the “bleed hole”. Its primary purpose is to balance air pressure. There’s a small gap between the middle and the outer panes. The “bleed hole” allows pressure to balance between the passenger cabin and the air gap.

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