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by familyfriendlycompass
Ask you r child these questions and
 write their exact response!
What’s your name? Reagan Keith Bunker
How old are you? 4
How old is your mum? 5 years mum
How old is your dad? 4 years
What’s your favorite colour? Blue
What’s your favorite food? Garlic Bread and
Mac & Cheese
Who’s your bestfriend? Dad & Brendan
Whats your favourite song? The Gummy Bear
What do you you like to watch? Blazes


What’s your favourite animal? Bear like Gummy Bear, big Trex as they eat animals
What makes you happy? Seeing the cows In The backyard . Going to the dairy
Where’s your favorite place to go? Going to the Park
What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to run my own dairy to look after cows
Who loves you the most? Mum I think
What does mummy do all day? Working um always working
What are you scared of? Pumpkin heads and ghost
Where does money come from? Um not sure the shops
Where do you live? Albany Um  no I live at the dairy in Busselton. Also Albany at dads house
Where did you come from? I don’t no from perth
Whats your favorite toy? Hot wheels
What makes you angry? When the cows broken the fence and got out
Who do you love the most? Frogs, Monkeys , BB, Mum, Brendan , Dad, Pop , Grammie
Try it out this Sunday , with one or more of your kids. It’s funny getting them to talk making great memories

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