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by familyfriendlycompass
Happy Monday !!!
After a year we have had and still can’t travel much around Australia or overseas.
At less we can see our own backyard.
We haven’t got any travel plans these school holidays 😊.
What we have planned is spontaneous little trips when our blended family is together .
💗 Perth we will for sure do
💗 Day little trips around south west
💗 planning to do a treasure hunt with active activity for the whole family
💗 Lots of holiday catch ups with friends
💗 Trip to Albany
As we have our big family holiday coming in April school holidays, we just want to spend this summer enjoying each other company and keep active.
One thing I will recommend to survive these school holidays is have time out for yourself .
Might be just 1 hour or 20min , look after yourself.
If your single and have kids get a babysitter so you can go out with friends or by self to connect with the world 🌎. Your family will be happy cos you will be happy.
Blended families – it can be hard to juggle everything is time of year , I know cos we do it all the time. One thing we might sure we do is have date nights or 1hrs of us to stay connected, it important for our relationships which would be the same for others.
Set goals for 2022 what you want for your family and go for it .
I know I have done this and next year we will be smashing and getting our dreams 🙏

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