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by familyfriendlycompass
Happy Thursday to my Family Friendly Compass Community 
I am sitting in the backyard watching the kids play while doing some work 👩‍💻 also having a coffee ☕️.
Looking at the news 📰 reports WA is doing really well , keep it up everyone 😷.
This post is about wearing our mask 😷, yes I know children under 12 years old don’t need to wear them.
I have been teaching Reagan about why we are wearing mask and it’s not scary 😧. He was scared 😱 at first as we didn’t look normal .
I feel it’s best to teach our children about these things and explain at any age as we just don’t know what’s going to happen.
Couple weeks ago I order face mask (fun ones) just incase in the future, lucky I did cos we need them
I wanted Reagan to understand sometime we have to this for our Health and mask can help us with that.
Today we head into town as we walk to our car 🚗 Reagan got upset about he didn’t have his mask so lucky we were still home 🏡 we quickly grab it for him.
While in the car I heard him telling bluey his toy, that we need a mask while we were in town. Reagan was telling bluey must wear mask 😷 for our his safety.
I was in the drive thru for my coffee when Reagan said look 👀 at bluey. It was good to see he is learning and listening in this difficult times.
He won’t understand fully for is age , these little steps count for the future
May be an image of child and text that says 'G司) Teach them at young age'

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