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Ultimate guide to family friendly holidays in Western Australia.

Are you planning a holiday to Western Australia?  , or you live in Western Australia and need ideas. Well you have come to the right spot. 

We are about Travel ideas and inspiration for families, couples, blended families, single parents 

Why The Family Friendly Compass

Why not!!!  We are here to help guide in travel ideas and inspiration for families . I know when I was planning my first holiday as single parent is was scary and hard , you will get true stories from our team and full on experience 

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Hello to all the New followers and Big shout out to all the new Business who have join our community to support Western Australia people to travel.
It’s important for me to share what our state has offer and how to enjoy travelling as family or single parents with making fun memories all types of adventures.


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Keep imaginative play fresh and fun for longer.

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How we aim to help make your family holidays easier.

Over time we have found many challenges in organizing and booking holidays for the family.

Our team aim is to find the best family friendly place to stay, go on adventures, relax and best of all make sure the kids aren’t bored.

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  • by familyfriendlycompass

    Welcome !!! Thank you supporting our big vision for the family friendly compass. Hello to all the New followers and Big shout out to all the new Business who have …

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