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Featuring 18 retro classic games, 2 scavenger hunts and 4 countdown challenges, this folder has been designed to be used anywhere indoors! Perfect for keeping the kids entertained during lockdowns, keeping them quiet at appointments or some indoor fun on rainy days.

The folder is fully laminated and re-usable. It includes a pencil case, 2 x markers and wiping material. With games/challenges for kids to play alone, games for pairs and family games/challenges.

The re-usable games include:

– Battleships

– Scattergories

– Charades

– Sudoku

– Boggle

– Roll a monster race

– Connect 4

– Tic Tac Toe

– The Box Game

– Mr Squiggle

– Number Race

– RPS Battle

– Monster Maze

– Snakes & Ladders

– Don’t Get Stung (Hangman)

– Pictionary

– Letter Race

– Family Chat Game

The Challenge pages include:

– Daily ‘Get Active’ Challenge

– 25 Day Lego Challenge

– 18 Day Creation Challenge

– 25 Day Family Fun Challenge

The Scavenger Hunts include:

– Neighbourhood Walk Scavenger Hunt

– Indoor Photo Hunt


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